AnitaHat Company




When selecting her favorite holiday, Anita Guzman Tomchek’s choice is not traditional. Not Christmas. Not Halloween.  Not Thanksgiving. The Kentucky Derby gets her vote every time.  This love of the Derby and the Derby Festival events has fueled her love of hats and hat making. Big and bold are mottos Anita uses when making her hats and so, when she is making a hat, just when she thinks it is perfect she often adds just a bit more to it!  She has always taken great pride in making her own hats for the Oaks and Derby and often received complements on these.  Soon, she started to help friends make their hats and AnitaHat Company was born!


When buying an AnitaHat distinctive hat, you can be assured of wearing a one-of-a- kind hat custom made by Anita.  AnitaHat hats are not duplicated or mass produced.  The custom built starts with a sensational hat body. Then, any combination of ribbon, flowers, feathers, and netting are hand stitched on the hat body to create the unique final product that will have you getting complements all day at the Oaks and Derby!


-Today's Women, International Style, 10/2007

-YahooSports homepage, 2009

-Saturday Scene, Stylemaker, 2010

-Winner, 2011 High Heels and Hats Best Buddies Benefit

-Runner up, 2011 Golden Gate Fields Derby Party Hat Contest

-2012 Wesport Vilage Derby Fashion Show